Works only partially

I’ve been trying hard to get eM to work for me for the better part of a week, but I’m about to give up. Many messages are simply not delivered. I know this because I’ve checked my server’s webmail and see those messages. Right now (7:11 am my time) the last message shown by eM is one from 3:07 am; yet the server’s webmail shows 7 newer messages. Although eM inscrutably displays 2 junk mail folders, both are entirely empty. I have not created any Rule to delete incoming messages. I have eM set to synchronize every minute.

I do not know why eM has 2 inboxes for me, but I check my mail in the global inbox. Some of my server’s mail is forwarded from Gmail, and Gmail also shows the undelivered messages.

eM has some good features and I’d like to use it, but obviously I can’t if it withholds mail.

How many accounts have you setup in eM Client?

Are there any errors connecting to the email server?

Can you give a screenshot of your folder tree? I am not sure what you mean by two junk mail folders and 2 inboxes.

In order, here are my answers:

  1. I created one eM account, which however turned out (once created) to be two. I have no need for 2 accounts. Both accounts use the same email address. One carries an Outlook logo. I had Outlook on my system for a number of years, although I did not use or activate it, except for a day or so ending before I downloaded eM. I have now removed Outlook from my system, but still see eM’s “Outlook” account.

  2. There are plenty of errors, but my ISP says they all originate with eM, and that I have to look to eM for resolution. I’ve encountered these errors only since installing eM.
    (a) I get a persistently reappearing pop-up, “Password required. Account is temporarily unavailable.” It requires me to agree to the filled-in sign-in credentails, and also has a checkbox to “Save passord.”
    (b) I get a slew of eM’s Operation errors, requiring me to enter eM’s diagnostics dialog. When I do so, the errors are cleared–for the moment. The diagnostics point to POP [I use POP], SMTP, and/or AirSync.
    © I get another error when I attempt to send mail from eM. The error, strangely, is from Internet Explorer. (I don’t use IE, but, as you no doubt know, all Windows computers carry IE.) The error page proliferates nearly simultaneously in *dozens* of windows. It says, “Could not perform the operation because the default mail client [meaning eM] is not properly installed.”

  3. I can’t see how to attach a screenshot to this reply. From a previous answer of yours, it seems that my Communitities interface is different from yours. In any case, eM’s folders are in two sections–one under my email address and the other under Local Folders. There are an inbox and a junk folder in each section. I use the global inbox, in the first section. I certainly would prefer to have only 1 inbox and 1 junk folder. That I have two, I’m guessing, may be related to the extra account foisted upon me.

* * * *

Gary, I’m hoping you can salvage my use of eM, into which I’ve invested a huge amount of time. If perchance you cannot, please let me know, and I’ll give up.

Clarification re my point #2© above:

These outgoing mail attempts have not been made from the eM interface. These have been from my Firefox browser, which has a mechanism allowing the user to send the link to any page via the user’s default email client. I have used the mechanism without a hitch for years when my default email client was different.

  1. What could have happened is that you imported your MS Outlook account when you installed eM Client. Then after that you added the account manually yourself. Maybe not, but that seems the most likely. If you go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, you will see the accounts you have setup in eM Client. If there are more than one with the same email address, delete one of them. Be careful deleting POP3 accounts as you will also delete the messages. The Outlook logo is an indication that it is an account and has nothing to do with the MS Outlook application.

  2. I am not sure what you are describing here. For you can’t have POP3 and AirSync on the same account. So you must still have two accounts setup in eM Client. Delete one of them. If you are using POP3 as one of them, deleting that account in eM Client will delete the emails. So you can either move them to Local Folders, or export them before you delete the account. Or if you want to continue using POP3, delete the IMAP account.

This situation with sending email from your web browser means that eM Client is not properly setup as the default email client. To change that, open Windows Control Panel. Go to Programs > Default Programs > Set your default programs.

Click on eM Client. Choose Choose defaults for this program.

Choose Select All , and Save.

Clicking on an email link in your web browser, or sending link by email will now launch eM Client.

  1. There are two sections to eM Client as far as folders are concerned. There are your account folders, either IMAP/Exchange or POP3, and Local Folders. Local Folders are system folders and you cannot delete them. If you don’t want to view them, you can hide them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders.

Thanks very much, Gary, for trying to help me. I’ve just started to implement (or try to implement) your instructions. So far:

If your point #1 is correct, it’s hard to understand, as I never used I set up my eM account by relying on my ISP, and it was well understood that i want *only* a POP account. If as you say one of these accounts is IMAP, I don’t know which and also don’t know how to delete it.

I’ve gone to the Windows Control Panel attempting to follow your instructions. Choosing “Select all” does nothing, as all are already checked. However those checkboxes are grayed out, and the checkmarks can’t be removed.

Hiding local folders does not change the confusion resulting from the fact that both inboxes remain visible. There is however just one of the two junk folders visible, and I need to know whether all junk mail will go to that one.

To find out what type of accounts you have go to Menu > Tools > Accounts. By clicking on an account, you will be able to see in the right hand pane what protocols it is using.

The top one is POP3  that means the messages are stored locally on your computer, and deleting it will delete the messages.

The second one is IMAP, and deleting that account will not delete the messages as they are stored on the server.

Once you have deleted the duplicate account, the IMAP one, you will not have two sets of folders. If you do, we can look at that separately.

Please see Jay Ogram’s comments in  He gives the options to change the default email application in Fall Creator’s update. That might work for you.

Thanks, Gary. Jay’s instructions don’t really apply to my Win7 system, but in my Control Panel’s “Set Program Access” screen, eM is listed as the default email program and access is enabled.

I’m still perplexed about which account to delete. I’d like to delete the IMAP account (if there is such), but neither account is so labeled. Both accounts are labeled SMTP, but eM’s “Outlook” account is labeled AirSync and not POP. Is it safe to delete that account? Will all new junk mail go to the remaining junk mail folder? (I’m not worried about losing old messages.)

Do any of them look like these?

If so, which do you have, or how are they different?

Both accounts show tabs for General, SMTP, and Diagnostics. The remaining tab in the “Outlook” account is AirSync; in the other account, it’s POP3.

OK, keep the one that has the POP3 tab and delete the other.

Thanks, Gary. I’ve done as you suggest.

I have at least two remaining concerns:

  1. It seems that your most recent post never made it to my eM client inbox(es). My eM search shows the latest forum post was received March 2.

  2. I still have 2 inboxes, with different message totals. The global inbox has considerably more than the other. How can I get all my messages into the non-global inbox, and delete or hide the other? ( I don’t want the global inbox, as there’s no quick way of opening it.)

  1. Sometimes this forum is delayed with sending out email, but it should not be that long. I have also noticed on very rare occasions that a reply is not sent at all. Maybe check in your spam folder through the web interface for that account, it could be sitting there.

  2. You should have an Inbox in your Local Folders, and Inbox for your POP3 account, and an All Inboxes smart folder. The global inbox, or any of the smart folders, can be hidden by right-click on the folder then unticking it in the list. Maybe provide a screenshot so we can see what the folder tree looks like. If you don’t want to post it to the forum, you can send it to my email address