Workflow with flagged messages needs attention

ALL inboxes >Sorting by flagged messages is an excellent way to get all most pressing emails at the top of the inbox message list pane.

However, going through them and removing the flagged tag is a nightmare, because it sends you to where that particular email is in the inbox.  You need to manually scroll up to get back to the next flagged email.

This is also true of categories, and it’s a major design flaw with EMClient IMHO.  When you have the ability to group things, you want to work on that group, not be jumping all over the place.

The rule should be eg:
If flag status is changed check to see if emails are currently sorted by flag, and if they are select the next item in that sorting, do not keep the email that has been toggled selected.

This should also apply to categories and any other user-changable field.

Or you could simply use the Smart Folder for flagged messages. You can also create Smart Folders for particular categories, or groups of categories.

this is more simple than sorting by flag? 

If you use the Flagged Smart Folder then you will only have the flagged messages, nothing else, so will not be jumping all over the place.

Could be a solution for you Gethin?

I’d consider this a workaround, not a solution

I’d consider it a learning experience. Sometimes you just have to unlearn bad habits from another email client. :wink:

Its a design flaw that needs addressing.  I dont like having to change views just to see my flagged messaged. That’s the way I work. It’s not a bad habit.  What is the point of being able to sort by flag if it behaves this way. 

I have to disagree. If you are in a message, and it is flagged, removing the flag should not move you to another message. That is what you want - to move to the next flagged message after removing the flag. But the way eM Client works is that you have sorted your messages according to a condition. When you remove that condition, you remain in the message irrespective of the sorting.

However, eM Client does provide a convenient way of keeping grouped messages together, and enabling you to remain in that group after removing a member; the Flagged Smart Folder (or any search folder you want to create depending on your specific requirement).

eM Client cannot cater for everybody’s work methods. If it did, it would be a clone of Thunderbird.

What you are saying is that you shouldn’t mess with the logic: I’m not disputing the logic.  I’m disputing the usability of it. For every person that can be bothered writing into a forum like this there are likely hundreds who can’t be. The way that anything is improved is by looking at areas like this where the usability is problematic.  The fact that you have a way of working with the product that suits you does not diminish my problem with it, and the fact that you have spent so much time trying to argue that my way of working is the problem is more frustrating than the issue.  I would hope that the designers have more imagination.  

Just off the top of my head here are 2 possible solutions:

  1. When you change the flag status, don’t select that message.
  2. Add a category: sort by date (flagged at the top).

Point 2 is possible. There is a secondary sort, so you can sort by date then by flagged.

Rather than posting your proposals as a problem, because they are not, post them as an idea. That way other users can vote on your proposal and if enough interest is shown, eM Client will consider it.