Won't sync new contacts with Gmail

Won’t sync new contacts with Gmail unless I add the file extension “My Contacts” on the end of the existing file extension.

I can’t get the new contacts file extension to default to “My Contact”. Here is what I’m doing to force it to work. Can I make it default to this each time. FYI, this is only needed to update or create new contacts. EM will receive new contacts from Gmail that were created or updated in Gmail, Just not the other way around without this file extension added manually.

Open contacts and select all folders

Select “New”

The default file path isn’t “My Contact”. It must be manually added.

To add it you double click on the existing file extension which opens a new window called “select Folder”.

On this window you must double click or select and click “OK” on “My Contacts”. This will add the file extension to the existing file path.

Here you can see that it has been added.

Now if you put in the contacts info it will sync with Gmail.

I cant figure out how to make this additional file extension show up as a default. If it would problem solved.

I’m not sure why EM will not add or update a contact to Gmail but Gmail will add or update a contact to EM. I would think the file paths would be the same.

What am I missing?

Can I change something in Gmail without causing problems with other devices that sync with Gmail?

Hello, can you try removing and re-adding the Gmail account in eM Client to see if that helps resolve the issue?

Tried Removing the account and setting it back up again numerous times. I have installed eM Client on 6 computers in the past 4 weeks and it does the same thing on all of the different Gmail accounts. I setup Windows 10 on all the computers before the free offer ran out (Clean Install on all). The work around for my 83 year old mother and in-laws, since they cant remember to change the file extension to add or change a contact is: Use the windows 10 “People” app with your Gmail account to add or change their contact info since Gmail will sync to eM Client but not the other way it works and keeps all their contacts updated in gmail for when they corrupt the computer which is every few months or so. Also the new windows 10 “Mail” app syncs to Gmail but is so basic it doesn’t have enough features for most. It’s so simple its worthless. That’s why I use eM Client. It’s easy to use and has the horsepower people need for email.

em client is a very nice product. I just wish the Gmail contact thing worked.

If you have any other suggestions I would appreciate them.

Thanks, Karl

Hello Karl,
the “My Contacts” folder/label is the default Contacts folder for Gmail.To view all the Contacts in the Gmail webmail, you need to open the ‘Other Contacts’ folder or assign the ‘My Contacts’ label to all your eM Client contacts.Unfortunately this is the default way Gmail works so we cannot change the behaviour at this time, sorry for the inconvenience.