won't rename folder

I am stumped. Out of the blue, one of the sub-folder in my inbox was renamed to “scheduled”. I tried renaming the folder and it would not rename and kept reverting back to “scheduled”. I looked in the rules and it said “scheduled” and would not change. This folder is from my Outlook account and is important. It also changes the name of the folder in my outlook web page inbox, which i can change on the web. It stays what i type until i close the entire email account page and reverts back to “scheduled” name. Has anyone experienced anything like this? or know how to correct. Any help appreciated.

Hello Tim,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Could we please ask you to check that you have enough permissions to this folder? Could this folder e.g. be delegated? In any case, your e-mail provider should give you more assistance, please contact them about this issue.