won't pickup mail - no errors ... just ... NOTHING

I just downloaded eM Client. I followed the prompts for account setup. I use multiple mail clients and am always on the lookout for a better one so thought I’d try this one. The accounts are set up … using the same credentials as other clients that are running on the same device and picking up mail just fine … eM Client generates no errors … but I cannot get it to initiate a sync session regardless of what I try. 

Go to Menu > Tools > Operations and look in the Log tab. There may some clue there.

No operations in progress. Yet logs show no errors. If I try to draft a new email … the accounts that show up in the accounts profiles … are not available for selection … and it messages me to first set up an account. So … what’s going on?

I figured it out. The “automatic” account creation script is seriously deficient. I deleted the accounts and used the manual process to create them again. Now they’re working. However you’d think if the auto creation script encountered errors it would log and/or message them. No … clean log and no error messages … and no useable accounts created. I’d suggest that script be removed until it includes some exception handling.

The automatic Setup of an account generally uses the auto-discover settings provided by your server. Unfortunately some servers either do not provide the correct information, or what they do provide is not usable by eM Client.

In specific cases eM Client has settings overrides to provide the correct configuration. It must be that in this case your server is not listed as a problem. 

Who is your email provider?

Hmmmm… NO. I’ve used Apple Mail, Airmail, Postbox, Unibox, Mailspring and 3 or 4 others. We run our own mail server btw so I’m very familiar with the settings on that end as well. Every other client could either auto config or otherwise generate a message that it couldn’t do so to prompt a more manual / granular config. Not with eM Client. It generates no error messages upon script / auto setup failure and in fact even creates the accounts with no indication that they are not fully configured. So … what’s your next excuse? The most common reply on this forum is “it’s never eM Client - it’s always the fault of everyone/everything else”. No one on this forum buys that … so it’s better to simply be candid about the current deficiencies and commit to resolve them than to deny there are problems. The latter approach is transparent and will actually cost eM Client users.

All email applications are different, and unfortunately eM Client is not as forgiving as others when it comes to servers that do not offer proper auto-discover options. That is why eM Client provides overrides for some servers, but of course that is not possible with every server, and unlikely with private servers.

If you are thinking of using this application in your organisation, a custom config could be provided so that it sets up correctly without any manual intervention.

If you find the application that deficient, please try something else. No one is forcing you to use eM Client.

The last line of your response should serve and will serve as a red flag to any and all prospective corporate users. “no one is forcing you to use em Client” - that is the response of an immature and candidly reckless customer support system. Grow up. 

JTO, this is a community forum, and comments and suggestions here are not those of eM Client Inc. This is explained in the license agreement you agreed to when you installed the application.

If you are frustrated because you do not have the knowledge to configure the application, then ask a question, and someone here will try to offer some advice. If all you want to do is winge, please do not post to this forum.

But my comment still stands. If this application is not working for you, instead of complaining, uninstall it and move on.

Good advice!

Wow. I detail a major deficiency and rather than accept constructive criticism you blame our mail server config (that works with every other client s/w without issue) and then you suggest that I’m somehow lacking the knowledge to configure an email client … why? … do you personally find that to be as difficult as brain surgery? Sorry to hear that … but it explains a lot.  I simply started the thread so that it somehow might manifest into a change/fix request that would ultimately make your product better. You’re a child … or at least you act like one. I’m done with this absurd thread. Be well.

Is there a question, or are you just ranting?

I think he says there is unforgiving nature in EM when it does not get expected response from server. We had that also but it is easy to manually setup EM if that happens. Not real problem like you are thinking J.

My point was simple … before I was attacked. If EM can’t auto configure … no big deal … a lot of clients can’t. However … other clients recognize that they can’t and generate an error message or alert. I had no idea an error condition had occurred / that the account creation script had failed. All I’m suggesting is that EM devs consider adding messaging/alerts if manual config is required. That’s it … not sure why that is oh so horrible to suggest.

Yes, like I said, eM Client is not as forgiving. Fortunately a custom config is provided for instances where it cannot use the information provided by the server’s auto-discover response. That facility is already there, I guess to compensate for these “major deficiencies” in eM Client. 

One good thing came out of this thread though; eM Client became my product. :wink: