Won't activate

Registered and got license key, put the key in but still says demo and I get the box up when I start reminding me to register. I just did the free one. Any ideas or is this normal?
I got the code from your email response after registering at your site.

Please try again now, we got a problem on our licensing server for several moments.

I’ve tried 7 or 8 times during the day and still it won’t activate? Any other suggestions? Thanks

What was the email you registered with? I’ll check it out in our licensing system.

Michal i still do not have any e-mails george

Hi George, what is your registered email address please? I’ll check it out once again.

I kept getting a window saying that I needed to register within so many days. When I finally knuckled down to it, my password wasn’t recognised, and so I went for a new one… which I was sent with a new username (number). I have tried to log in to register but am not being allowed to, with a window popping up now to say that my email address isn’t recognised.

How to activate my key? I have looked at many sites, and failed to find the answer yet!



eM Client can be activated in eM Client - Help - License.


Sorry Jan… I’m really showing my IT ignorance here. Have been able to register now, but still get a window popping up asking for username and password which isn’t recognising either of the new ones that have been sent to me by email.

Please bear with me. I know I’ll get there in the end … but your help is very gratefully received!


do you mean that you are unable to send and receive your emails now?

Have you set your email account in Tools - Accounts ? If so can you delete it (from that window) and then use under “new account” automatic setup - there you will put only your email and username and it will make all set up by itself.