Won't accept my (paid for) License Key

It won’t accept my (paid for) License Key - I downloaded the free version, then went for the Trial (payable in a month’s time) version and, when I found it still wouldn’t let me have more than two accounts, I paid the $49-99 but it still won’t let me have more than two accounts. When I try to enter the licence details (Which were emailed to me with “Congratulations etc. for purchasing…” ) It rejects my attempts. I restarted the PC but that did nothing to change anything. Please can somebody advise me what to do? Thank you. Pauli Murphy (helimurf@aol.com)

I am not receiving a response so I will try uninstalling and downloading it again. I will report back. :slight_smile:

No, that didn’t work. I downloaded the free version but it wouldn’t let me use my original username so I chose a different username. It still won’t let me have more than two email accounts.

Hello, I can see in our licensing system that you purchased only Sync2eM service subscription for 1 year, I can’t see any payment for eM Client Pro (unlimited) version. Please note that Sync2eM service is a separate product and you won’t get Pro license for eM Client when you subscribe for Sync2eM.

Ah, thank you, Michael. I begin to understand, now. I simply wanted something, other than MS Outlook (which I seem to just get into a tangle with) to manage my 5 or so email accounts and, maybe, sync with my Android phone, though the last (phone) doesn’t matter. It now looks as though I would have to spend a lot more to have that, so I think I will back down and slink away. Please can you tell me how to obtain cancellation and a (partial, maybe) refund without causing too much trouble for anyone? I appreciate your help, very much.
Yours Aye,
Paul Murphy :slight_smile:

Thunderbird for the pc is free and you can add unlimited amounts of emails with it again for free. EMAIL provided free with android does the same. Not sure why you would ever want to pay for this software.