Wondering why my ip address is blocked on forums

Hello, I have maintained 20 lifetime licenses since 2015. I posted one question for a plugin request, and my forum login was deleted, and my IP address can’t create new account.

I am just wondering why someone didn’t ask me to change my info or remove a post instead of banning my IP address.

Sometimes accounts are blocked because of spam messages, so it could have been that. Or if someone found your post objectionable and reported it. Or if you just posted an add for another application, etc.

I kind of figured. And it makes total sense. So how do i go about not being banned? Only reason I’m on right now is vpn connection.

The basis of that post was asking for a button or a right click feature, to send link info to Third party web site, to check the url. And if possible same for sending attachments to get Checked by third part url.

The link in the post may have been seen as an ad.

Actually if I remember right it was more specific to send header to third party for checking.

To me it seems this would be amazing feature to have.

Can you send me an email at sales@dencol.com, so I can get this ip address un-banned?