With Live Mail, all my emails, deleted or read, were saved indefinitly, but with eM Cient both keep disappearing .

With Live Mail, all my emails, deleted or read, were saved indefinitly, but with eM Cient both disappear.


Can you explain a bit more how they are disappearing.

I’m not sure.  When I open the emails and/or delete them, they are still in the in box or deleted box, but later in the day (or the next day)  when I go back to check and reread a past email or locate a deleted one, they systematically begin disappearing one by one. 

Is there another email client connected to the same account?

Not sure what you mean.

Means is there an application on another computer, or an app on a phone that is connected to the same email account?

Yes.  So does that mean if I delete it on another device it will be deleted on my main?

Yes. The email server is actually the main, and the various devices just offer a synced version of that. 

This never happened with Live Windows.  It only started when I switched to eM Client.  As long as I opened the email in Live Windows first. it would not disappear unless I deleted it.

That is why I asked if you had other email clients connecting to the same account. eM Client will not delete messages on its own, so the cause may be another application.

Something you can try:

Close any other applications and apps that are accessing the same email account, then open eM Client and read your mail. Do the messages disappear after you have read them? If they do, what folder are you in? The Smart Folder Unread folder will only display unread messages, so if you are in that folder, then all is well. Go down to your Inbox and you will find your messages there.

If you were in your Inbox, and the messages disappeared, open the web interface for your email account and see if the messages are still there.

First thing this morning with all other email access closed, I opened eM Client and open the inbox and all of my past days emails were gone and when I opened the delete folder, the deleted email began to disappear.

Check with your email provider. It may be there is something odd happening on the server.

I did check with them and nothing has changed on their side.  I haven’t had this problem before with Live Windows.  The reason for the change was that Live Window had problems with converting from Pop3 to iMap.  eM Client works fine except for the vanishing emails.

I think I have it figured out.  When I was using Live Windows, as long as I opened the emails in Live Mail first it didn’t matter if I deleted those same email on other devices.  With eM Client, even if I open the email in my primary computer, if I delete the email on another device, the emails are deleted on any device that has the email account on it.  Is there anyway I can prevent that?

I doubt it is eM Client that is responsible. There were some instances like this before, and they turned out to be server issues.

But maybe the messages have not been deleted. If you open the web interface for this email account, are the missing messages visible there?

Yes, this is the way IMAP works. The client simply gives a synced copy of what is on the server. If you delete a message on one device, it will be deleted on all other devices.

If you don’t want that, then you need to change all the devices to access the account by POP3, making sure they leave the messages on the server afterwards. Please see the eM Client Help (F1) on manually setting up an account.

WLM is setup as POP3. Now, when it accesses the server, it is most likely deleting all the messages after it has downloaded them, and that is why they are no longer visible in eM Client.

You are correct but Comcast my server no longer supports Pop3.  Are there any other options?

Move to another email provider. Discontinuing POP3 is shortsighted. It is a very useful system and uses less server resources. Though looking at their website, I do not see that they have discontinued POP3. Maybe it is buried somewhere.

But I suppose all you can do is get used to IMAP. It is also very useful as you have a synced copy on all devices. That means if you have marked something as read on one, it will be marked as read on the others so it becomes easier to manage your email. You also have synced Sent and Drafts folders, which you don’t have with POP3. This makes it easy to begin a reply on your phone, and later finish it on your PC. IMAP also shows new messages in real-time, so as soon as it arrives on the server, it is in your Inbox.

I have a suggestion: setup your Comcast account as POP3 and see what happens. The data is not stored on the server, so if they finally pull the plug, everything up till then will be on your computer.

To do that go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and remove the IMAP account that you have setup. Then add a new account by clicking on the + icon. Choose Mail > Other and then select POP3 after entering your email address.