With 7.2 update, client now opens showing only unread emails

I updated to 7.2.34062.0. Now, when I open em client, it opens showing only unread emails - and not just new emails but all of the unread emails in my local folders. How do I get em client to open to my Inbox like it did before?

Never mind. I found it. For some reason, the upgrade changed my startup to show Global Unreads. Once I found the setting, I changed it back.

Nice for you  ! But can you explain what you have done  exactly to other people who are still looking for a solution ?! (I don’t see ‘Gobal Unreads’ … which ‘settings’ …?) Thank you !

Sorry, I highlighted the wrong entry. Right-click on “Show on startup” and select the option you like; “Global inbox”, I presume.

I lost all my maps that are important for my business. I had to re install em client and lost everything I had. I only have the unread inbox. All the maps I made with invoices are gone. How ca I fix this please? This is a disaster!!