Wish List: Autoapply Categories when running Rules, etc..

Wish List.
a) Ability to automatically apply Categories based on Rules.
b) Ability to apply multiple categories to email messages.

a) Ability to import CSV files as well as ICS
b) Ability to apply multiple Categories to events

Playing around more with eM Client I just discovered that some of my wishes are actually already a reality…!!
So, the ability to apply multiple categories to emails, contacts and events, is already availale in this remarkable software. Kudos to designers and programmers!!
However I still would like for the program to be able to automatically apply categories to messages, based on Rules.

applying categories based on rules will be available in the next version.


Great. Thank you very much.

ics files are being sent to me after a Webinar invite… when clicking on it to automatically have the event being scheduled on my calendar then… MS Outlook is opening !!! respectfully, I have displaced Outlook from being my mail client - i’d like to have that ics possibility in eMClient either.