wisestamp integration

new to eMClient, but I’ve been using email clients for a VERY LONG time and I may have found one I can live with to manage my 20+ email accounts and google apps account(s). One request please … I use for signatures and miss having it’s convenience.

Hi, do you know if there is any way ahead with this development.
I also would like to see the availability of WiseStamp within eMClient.

I have only just started a trial of eMClient and would like to see this added if possible. Thanks.

Unfortunately, it has not been implemented yet.

I need it to, just bought a license and really love it, especially dealing with high volumes of email, but wisestamp would be great.

I tried to copy the wisestamp html to signature but u forgot to build in the insert html function in that editor.

Then i tried to create a new signature, but the editor does not let me insert a hosted image (logo) Sending a image from my HD uses bandwith, i might remove the image from my pc and it makes no sense.

Could u guys please enable wisestamp or give us a editor from 2014 ? ))))))