Windows XP - Saving E-mail as .pdf?


I just started using eM Client on windows xp for my Icloud e-mail account. Outlook express was having problems using my Icloud mail so i found this program and switched. My question is . . . is there a way to save an e-mail as a pdf file? for example, if i am using google chrome to view my icloud mail i can simply view an email, click the print button and choose save as pdf.

I browsed the settings it couldn’t find a option for saving e-mail as pdf, i also tried clicking the “print” button and it pulls up a print preview, it looks like it’s using Internet Explorer to show the print preview. If that’s true, and there’s no current setting to save as pdf, is it possible to change the option for eM Client to use google chrome when choosing print?



PDF: no, but you can print it as a PDF and save it at cloud.
EML: export mail in eml format. Chrome reads eml format.

Install PDFCreator, and print to it.

Hi Steven, unfortunately there’s no built in feature to save emails as PDF, you can export your messages into .eml files, or download an available PDF printer software on the internet, then you can use the Print button and print the message using the PDF printer, which will create the PDF.
As Jeff above suggested.

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Another option would be to download and install the PrintPDF.exe app.  Once installed it appears as a printer in the list of printers on your system.  When selected it will print the email to a PDF and save it to a directory of your choice.  Here’s the link if you’re interested:

Hi, great, thank you for the app recommendation!


Thanks for all the replies,

To the PrintPDF.exe app,

I found the website, downloaded the printer driver, had to than download the converter, went to test it out, first time arond had an error of some sort, didn’t bother to read error, it was a long message. anyhow, thank you for the suggestion, but i quickly uninstalled the two programs. I was informed by McAfee On demand protection log, the “pdf995” was blocked from trying to run some kind of file in /temp by the way.

To the EML suggestion,

So I viewed an e-mail, did “Save As”, than opened the saved .EML file in google chrome, all chrome did was download the file to my downloads folder. Any suggestions on what i am doing wrong? Thanks,


Regarding the PrintPDF app, I’m sorry that happened, don’t know why.  I’ve had it installed on my system for some time now.  When first installed, I didn’t have to download any converter, it was just the printpdf app.   And, it was a clean install with no issues.   Sorry it didn’t work for you.

I just checked this out and found that perhaps this would be a better site to go to, the developer of the  If interested, you might want to give one more try and see if this one works without all the hassles and other “don’t wants”.   The link points to their download site and the first item in the list shows as the printpdf driver and is the one you’ll want to download.  Give that one a try and see if it will work for you.  However, be aware that when you go to print you’ll get some of their ads which can be ignored.  If you can live with that which, is what I do then you should be good to go.  Again, the first item in the list is  just the download for the printpdf app, only.  Hope that one works for you.

Hi Steven,

I can suggest Nitro PDF Reader

To Hans Nieuwenhuis,

i installed Nitro PDF Reader, it seems like it will do what i need. i have a couple questions about it, Does it have a setting where i can just click print in any program and it will show up as a driver that when selected saves whatever it is as a .pdf? My other question is, i tried opening a .EML file from eMClient and it produced an error when converting the .eml in NitroPDF, is it possible for NitroPDF to read .eml files? 



Hi Steven,

I’m using the paid version of Nitro, and at least there I do have a printer driver installed. So I can click on [print] in any program, select Nitro as printer driver, and it will produce a PDF file. This was automatically: I didn’t need to make a special setting.

I guess the free version of Nitro actually also has this option. You should see it as an option when you press [print] in any program.

screen shot when clicking on [print] in eM Client:

What was the error you got when trying to print an EML file as PDF?

Maybe you don’t need to open an EML file, but just open the e-mail in eM Client and print it?

To Hans Nieuwenhuis,

Thank you. I clicked print, and saw it popped up as a choice for printer drivers, than saved as a .pdf! Thank you for you’re help.