Windows notifications not showing up when emclient is minimized

I have just installed emClient as a trial and so far it works great. I am hoewever not getting any notifications when the window is either not activated or minimized

Hello Paul,

Thank you for the positive feedback. What kind of notifications do you mean? Calendar reminders, new e-mails, …? Could you please check your notification settings in Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> General -> Notifications?

Thank you,

I was referring to the Mail Notifications. I have all my settings set correctly. I must say however that this may be ok now as my message to your was over 2 months ago. A little suprised to have actually received an answer at all

Hello Paul,
if the program is closed (not running or in tray) it cannot give you any notifications.

As for the reply - we were slightly understaffed for a short while and needed to give more attention to our PRO customers to ensure they get the service they paid for. We kept our eye on forum only for the most urgent issues and were less active; now we try to get back to addressing all concerns.
Thank you for understanding.