Windows Mail Import failure

Windows Mail accounts import fails with a message “Exception thrown during SafeInvoke. Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.” Any hints where to go?

No one has a similar problem? I wanted to give it a try and maybe to buy but as I was not able to make the very first step… bye, eM Client!

“eM Client Inc. employees are here to help.” Has anybody seen them?

Do you have Live Mail installed from the PC you want to import?

Both clients were on the same computer. I asked 6 months ago, where have you been?

Let see… Everywhere? I’m not a employee if that what you thinks. Did you upgrade to the new version? There were some fixes and improved compatibility regarding to importing from another client.

I have not upgraded it as I lost confidence when there was no reply from the IT experts. Is there a list of debugged problems in the new version?

Okay… If it 6 month ago, I assume you are still on version 3.0x. That lot of fixes. Every program experience problems, including Thunderbird. This is community based support, sometimes your question do get missed. But you shouldn’t give up so easily. List of fixes (not all)………

I would suggest you to try:… - stable retail build;
Or:… - latest beta.

Thanx a lot, I will try it and come back later.

Installed and uninstalled. Firstly, two accounts in the free version are not enough for me. Secondly, synchronization is not an option. I delete unimportant mails from my computer but keep them on the server just in case… did not find this possibility here.

That what IMAP does, IMAP protocol synchronizes. Unless you using POP3.

I know therefore I will stick to the incredibly slow Windows Mail.
Thanks for advice anyway.