windows live mail no accounts found

I have windows livemail showing in import option…however the software isnt fully installed.  i have also put the profile folder in the default location.   When i try to import EM Clients says ‘no accounts found’

As far as I know you need to have WLM installed to do the import. Is there any way you can reinstall it?

it wont install anymore on win7 or 10

sorted it…

Nice one Pete, though wondering why you did not post the solution here?

because i wrote it for my clients in case they needed it…and didnt realise this was a public forum

the links wont change…so it doesnt really matter

Broken links are always an issue; something changes on the server, and the link is broken. What happens if you die tomorrow, and after some time your website is closed because of non-payment? Then this very valuable solution you have provided is no longer available.

But anyway . . .  hope you don’t die tomorrow. :wink:

like EM Client i have a limited company, with staff and longevity past my life time.