Windows Live Mail conversion - temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings

I just downloaded eM Client to replace my old Windows Live Mail. It transferred all the contacts and I can send emails but I am not receiving any emails. I have Comcast for internet/email. I am receiving emails to my Comcast account and I have an iPhone and iPad that are also receiving emails. I looked thru the eM settings and ran the diagnostic but still not working. Any ideas?

I’m also a Windows Live Mail ex user making the change to eM Client so my experience is limited…

With that said and after 3 days to your question with no reply, I feel obligated to try and help. So…

Double check your settings:

IMAP server name

    IMAP port 993

    IMAP encryption method SSL

    SMTP server name

    SMTP port 587

    SMTP encryption method TLS

For IMAP port 993, the security policy needs to be set to Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy). For SMTP port 587 the security policy should be set to Force usages of SSL/TLS.

A common cause of being able to send and not receive is the anti-virus or firewall application on your computer. Disable that and then try again.