Windows 8.1 update 12/19 deleted all email data

The Windows 8.1 update that I received on 12/19 damaged the links for items pinned to the task bar.  I was able to recover/reestablish the IE and Explorer pins, but when I went to eM client location, all it did was give me a start screen and when I look in the AppData roaming directory where the email information is supposed to be stored, there are no mail or archive files.  It looks like the directory got restarted when I opened the eM client application.  Any suggestions on whether I am screwed and will need to begin again or if there is a chance to find all my email?

Hi Jim,

It sounds that the account you’re currently logged into on you computer, is not the same as the account you were using before.

That’s why you don’t see the icons on you taskbar anymore and why you don’t see e-mail (because these things are user/account specific).

Maybe it helps if you logout and login again from Windows? Make sure that you login under your previous (working) account.


Thank you for your quick reply.

Unfortunately, there is only one account on this computer, so I know I am in the same account.  The three  icons on the task bar (eM Client, IE, Explorer) all turned white and gave a “cannot open this item” reply.  The two Microsoft related ones were easy to repair by un pinning them, reopen them and pin them again.  Unfortunately when I went to the eM Client location and clicked on it to open it, I got the same startup screen I got when I first started using eM Client.  I am afraid this action may have cleared out the data even though I didn’t do anything except close the program.

If there is a specific extension that is used for the email (and archive) file, I can search to see if something was just moved.

Hi Jim,

I’ve also only 1 account on my computer, but sometimes (maybe 3 times in 1 year), I also ended up with a new/clean desktop … there was some ‘temporarily’ desktop made at that time. (I can not remember the exact message anymore).

For me it helped to restart the computer.

Normally the directory where eM Client stores its data is C:\users<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\eM Client.

(By the way, I would advise to change that directory in eM Client to somewhere on your D: drive).

I have restarted the computer and also tried a complete shutdown. The AppData directory does exist, but everything in it has a date of 12/24 which was when I tried to execute the eM Client program from the program files directory after the task bar malfunctioned.  I would try a restore point, but I can’t seem to find them in 8.1, plus since the  eM Client directory in the AppData should not be affected by a system restore, I guess I have to accept the email is gone.

I like the idea of going to a different location.  Will I do that during the initial setup?  Also, I don’t know when the backup feature was added (I don’t think it existed when I started with eM Client 1.5 years ago), but I will definitely take advantage of it from now on.  I hate these painful lessons.

Hi Jim, sorry for my late reply, I’ve checked your conversation with Hans here, but I’m not completely sure if this issue has been resolved, are you still having some issues with eM Client?

Thank you,


Thanks for checking.  I just reinstalled eM Client and wrote off the email I lost.  Ultimately, the problem was with Microsoft, because their update deleted the references to the applications.  I would recommend, however, that eM Client be able to recognize that the program is being used based on the files in the default eM Client directory and not trust Windows to keep track.  The reason I lost my email was because eM Client decided that I was new to the program (thanks to Microsoft) and initialized the mail files when I started up the program, which overwrote my data.  Unfortunately for me (and this is completely my fault), I missed the addition of the backup feature so I didn’t have a backup of my email.  I am running fine right now and am using weekly rolling backups, so all should be fine from now on.  I really appreciate that Hans immediately responded to my request and I also thank you for following up on the issue.

Hi Jim, glad it works, please make sure to let us know, if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,