windows 7 backup

I am biting the bullet and buying a new computer. Using windows (7) backup, will all my emcleint

stuff be in the backup set?

In eM Client go to Menu > File > Backup. This will make a backup zip file in your documents folder. Then go to Menu > Help > License and deactivate your license.

Once you have installed eM Client on the new computer, and copied your documents folder across, open eM Client ignoring any setup windows and go to Menu > File > Restore. When that is done, go to Menu > Help > License and activate your license.

I would also Get the original Install of the emclient you are using.  You may have to re install the program so look at this site to get the version that you are running .  And save it in a folder on your old machine so it can be moved over to the new machine if needed.  You may also need the original installs of your older software but it has been so long since I migrated I do not remember all of my steps.  
If you are using a tailored theme make sure you export it to a safe location as the emclient restore may not restore that. 

I hated the windows 10 menu so I purchased a utility that presented the windows system in the windows 7 style menu  and it costed only 4.95  and been using it for years .

windows 7 backup will backup your em client info. but you will not be able to recover it unless you do a restore which will mess up the rest of windows 7.  go into the em client and export your contacts and any emails and folder to another file and copy them to a thumb drive, install em client and and import the files

Using eM Client’s own backup feature as I have mentioned above is the best option because it will include all account settings and logins, templates, signatures, Rules etc.

But of course if you just want to keep the messages without their categories and read/unread status, then exporting is definitely an option. Sometimes it is useful to start eM Client with a fresh install. :wink: