windows 10 roaming profiles in use

Windows 10 with roaming profiles can’t open em email client

I have been testing em email client for a few weeks now on all windows 7 machines. Up until now things have gone very well. We use roaming profiles, and em email client has performed very well across machines using roaming profiles. I recently installed a windows 10 machine on the network. When I try to start em email client on the windows 10 machine I get a database error telling me it was not closed properly, and it must be tested. The Db test fails with a file in use message. None of the windows 7 machines exibit this symptom.

Any ideas???

I think it is fairly common opinion that Windows 10 has may bugs with roaming profiles. Did you consider implementing Folder Redirection either as part of or separate from roaming profiles?

We do use folder redirection as well.