Windows 10 Pro with eM Client 6.0.23181.0 trying to upgrade to 6.0.23421.0, which I do, but it never installs. Ideas??? Thanks!

Hello, I’m using Windows 10 Pro with eM Client 6.0.23181.0. I keep getting notified to download 6.0.23421.0, which I do, but it never installs. Ideas??? Thanks!

Hi Ben,
does running the installation file not work?

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Hello Olivia,
The file downloads, eM Client closes and then nothing. Where does the update file download to and\or it’s name? If I had that location\name I could manually execute it.

Hi Ben,
the download should be in your Downloads folder under the name setup.msi.
If you cannot find it, I recommend downloading and installing the latest release directly from our website >

Initially I looked in my Downloads folder but it wasn’t there when doing the update. When I download from your link it does place setup.msi into my Downloads folder. When I run that it says:Setup ended prematurely. Ugh…

That is strange - could you take a screenshot of that error message for me, please?

Here ya go…

I see, could you try uninstalling the program and then running the installation file again and see if this issue persists? (your database and settings will not be removed)

Did you run the Installation as Administrator?

Yes. But I have figured out the issue. See the above reply…

Hello Olivia,  I installed Malwarebytes, ran it, and removed the 4 items it found. Re-booted, opened eM Client, checked for updates and bingo…it worked!
Thank you for your assistance!

Hi Ben,
thank you for letting us know that the issue is solved, I’m glad all is working now.

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