Windows 10 integration

With version 7, eM Client is getting very close to the point where I’d also be willing to pay for it. Better Windows integration, similar to what the free built in Windows 10 mail client offers, would put me over the edge:

  1. Provide the ability to pin a Live Tile to the start menu for each account (with a “new mail” counter). If the user could specify the icon or even just the tile’s color (transparent = Windows 10 accent color) then it would be perfect.
  2. Integrate with the Windows 10 notification center.
    Any chance of this happening soonish? I’ve seen age old requests for something similar, even hints at this being under development, but not more.


+1 for integration with notifications.

Is there any way to get a representative’s opinion on this matter?


I wonder if folks understand what I’m talking about here. It seems to me this would get a lot more attention if people did.

For people with two or fewer mail accounts, emClient is free. Therefore, managing more than two accounts is certain to be a central requirement common to almost all paying customers! Managing multiple accounts is exactly what these Windows 10 integration features are for. Particularly the first seems like such an obvious no-brainer feature to have, that I can’t imagine it not being high up on the development team’s list of priorities.

The free mail client built into Windows 10 already does what I’m asking for. This is what it looks like:

I have 8 mail accounts. Here I’ve pinned four of them to the start screen (one using IMAP and the last one using EWS). The counters represent the number of unread mails on each account. With just a short glance (without having to launch the mail client), and based on which accounts received mails, I’m able to decide if I must respond immediately or if they can wait. That is extremely practical.

In a perfect world, I’d also be able to configure each live tile (icon and/or color), but even without that it’s already really good.
I’d really wish emClient could also do this.


bump… again…
I’m not looking for support. Just information on this product’s development roadmap. This is essentially a pre-sales request. Does this company not care about that at all?


Maybe they are in vacation currently.
I like this idea very much +1

Hello Collin,

I am sorry for the late reply, I finally got to your thread.

We already noticed this feature requests few months ago so we added it to our Idea pool. Now it is being considered while we are developing the new version and planning which requested features to include. Please follow our blog at: or our facebook at: where we announce the new features.


Hello Russel

I understand that you can’t commit to something the development team hasn’t yet decided on. However, I’d like to at least be able to make an informed planning decision.

If this feature is being considered for version 7.3, then I’d gladly wait it out to see if it actually gets approved. If it’s being considered for a version a lot farther down the road, then I’ll find a way to make another solution work.

Anything more along those lines you can tell me?

Hello Collin,

I can answer this - It is being considered for the next major release which will probably bear the version number 8.0.


Hope that happens really soon :slight_smile:

I’m also really missing integrate with the Windows 10 notification center