Windows 10 Edition Issues x2

Latest version, installed, have 2 issues.

  1. When I exit the client it tells me I have items in the “outbox waiting to be sent”, how do I view or find them to delete them?

  2. There is a folder under one of my contact folders that has appeared (I did not create it and has the same name as one of my contact sub folders) and I cannot delete it. It throws an error “specified method is not supported” when trying to delete.  It does not appear on the web gmail app … how do I delete it from the client and where did it come from?

I have uninstalled the client and reinstalled it and I still have the same issues.

What file holds the “outbox” queue?

& is there a registry setting I can hack to delete the incorrect group in contacts?

Ideas please

Fixed the issues … 

Uninstalled the client and removed the emclient file systems under the local user profiles “AppData\Roaming & Local”