Windows 10 Crash

Hello. I have a new Asus Laptop running Windows 10. I’ve installed only eM Client (free licence), Zwift, Microsoft Office & Chrome. eM client frequently freezes, becoming unresponsive. After force closing, it won’t restart unless I restart the computer. I also run the free eM Client on my desktop computer, but without this issue. Can someone from eM client help me fix this problem? Will it go away if I upgrade to the paid version? I don’t want to spend the money then get the same problem. I’d previously used Microsoft Outlook but like eM client’s interface and sync with google contacts and calendar. 

Hoping you can help.

I’m in the same position, albeit this post is a bit old, I have the same issue.  The app seems to crash when it hits 3GB of RAM limits, which is typical for a 32 bit app running on a 64 bit operating system.  I have multiple emails I check/monitor and use and love the app, but with it crashing constantly throughout the day, I can’t justify paying for the product when it doesn’t support my needs.  i’m happy to pay the costs if a fix can be provided to address the crash issues. 

You mean 3GB is the total memory in use? My eM Client usually sits around 200-240MB.

Sorry, that should have been 300-340MB

Yes, I mean 3GB, once it gets up to 3GB, that’s when it starts to crash, and shutdowns, and goes through a repair process each time.  I’ve got a few people that have large inboxes (over 15GB), as you use your email (specifically with Gmail), like moving folders around, deleting email, etc. - the memory spikes like crazy, and once it hits up towards 3GB of RAM being used by the process, that’s when it crashes.  I’ve not been able to test it on other versions of Microsoft Windows other than 10 but I’ve got a few people I know this happens with.