Windows 10 - client not responding

Client starts and immedietally stop responding, taking huge amount of CPU power. I have tried to reinstall the client, remove cache but the problem still persist. If I remove cache, I am able to start client, but after I start downloadign emails form my accounts, it freezes again. I kill it, upon start there is window with “db repair” and all is done correctly, but it still freezes.

You could try starting it with a new database.

Close eM Client, and then rename C:\Users_username_\AppData\Roaming\eM Client. You may have to show hidden items in Explorer to do that.

When you start eM Client again, it will be with a blank database. Then you can add your accounts.

Sometimes eM Client does not perform so well with conversations enabled. You can disable those in Menu > View > Conversations, to test if that is affecting anything. Do that before you add your accounts.

I have tested new database and if I add new email account, it starts downloading emails and freezes again. Disable Converstaions does not help.

Can you try adding a different email account?

What version of Windows and eM Client are you using?

I have tried two account, different servers, same problem for both. I have downloaded latest version from the web - 7.1.32088.0

With which provider is the email account?

What settings are you using; IMAP server, port, security policy?

Ok… I have found the problem. It was not emClient related directly. One of the latest windows 10 security updates breaked something. Adobe reader open dialog was causing the same problem and it put me on track, that something is wrong with windows itself. Thank you for your time

Thank you for finding the problem. :slight_smile: