window position

eM Client 8 Major update (8.0.2685.0) doesn’t save the window position when i quit the program.
In version 7 it works fine.

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It was working OK for me. I also just updated to 8.0.2703, and it works there as well.

The same problem with Version 8.0.2703.0.

It works for all other programs.

Weird. I tried it so many times; small window top left, small window lower right, whatever. Closing and opening again it is in the same position it was immediately before I closed it.

Maybe after you have closed it, look in your task manager and see if a process is still running.

I have found the cause. The problem occurs when the taskbar is positioned on the left, right or top.


Interesting. With the taskbar on top, I am not affected. With the taskbar on the left, it seems to randomly choose where to position the window.

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Unfortunately the same problem in the new version (8.0.2751.0).

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Same issue here. Ultrawide monitor with task bar on left. Version 8.0.2951.

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Yes, I also have an Ultrawide monitor. For an effective screen layout I also have the task bar on the left side. Unfortunately I haven’t found a solution yet.

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Taskbar on the left side of the DELL U2719DC, laptop on its left.
No problem in full screen.
Otherwise the window is moving to the right each time eMClient is opened, maybe because the size of the bar is not taken into account.