Window Position not Saved

When I open an Email, a small window displays (on a 2nd monitor), which I then Resize and Move to be more usable. However, after I close the Window and select the next Email, it again starts out with the small window.

Bottom line - eM Client 9 is not Saving the Window Position! I’ve also tried to use ‘Move’ and ‘Resize’ for force a new position, but those have not worked either.

If I place the Email window on the same monitor as the App, subsequent emails will open in a default window, but again, it is NOT the same as the last used window size or position.

So - eM Client 9 is really not usable for me in this state.

I have this problem also. Always opens messages (or menu sub-windows) to the upper left corner of the display. Tried moving the window then closing, resizing, etc. Only thing that worked (sometimes) was dragging the left side in, closing the window, and reopening it. It then will open THAT message again in that new spot, but another message opens in the top/left corner. Strangely, not every PC we have eM Client installed on behaves the same way.