Win 10: Right-click "Send to Email Recipient" isn't launching em Client

It still opens Microsoft Outlook even though my default email client is set to em Client. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Ever time you install/Update eM-Client it shows a Screen with 3 options. (launch at startup…  etc…)
one of these options will bring up this Screen:

check all of them and all is fine.
(do not check all, if your Outlook is still in use for some tasks…)


You need to add eMClient to your ‘send to menu’ usually found here in windows 10,

Hi  Fritz

In Windows 10 you don’t get the above screen, you get this:

And even if you make it the default, it doesn’t appear in Send to mail recipient.  Sebastian Fardella’s workaround below is a good alternative.

Update:  I have just tested the send to email recipient in Win 10 with eM Client set as the default in Start > Settings > System > Default apps, and it now works OK.  This must have been fixed in a recent Windows Update.

Fritz’s solution worked perfectly but I got to it another way. In case someone else is stuck:
Go to: Win 10 Settings > System > Default Apps > Set Defaults by App >
em Client (or the name of the email app) > choose defaults for this program
Select All > Save
Note: This will ensure that right-click “Send to Email Recipient” works.  

Cool !

this issue is unfortunately with Windows 10 as it has more options to set the defaults and then fails to respect them.
Setting it manually through the Control panel>Default program usually solves the issue.


Yes that works, but if you send photos that way, you loose the ability to reduce them in size. By configuring the “send to email recipient” properly, by selecting MAILTO and MAPI in the “select standards by app” panel you retain that windows functionality, see…