Will you be having a 50% discount for eM Client soon like sometime ago?

Will you be having a 50% discount for eM Client soon like sometime ago?

I’d like to purchase eM Client lifetime, however its too expensive.
It’s a great product though!

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+1 it’s expensive now. Considering two license cost $35~ each, plus after a year we would have to pay an additional fee $50~ to get updates compared to free users who would get major updates forever.

If each eM Client license included 2 computers for $35-50 that would be reasonable and then the additional fee for life time updates would be acceptable. Most software nowadays like MS Office allow 2 installs per license, desktop + laptop.

I have seen an information on Facebook :
“eM Client with Lifetime Upgrades is now only $99.95 -> and we give additional PRO license to all our Lifetime customers”
but why not here in the forum ?

How do I take advantage of the Facebook deal??

Softmaker Office Pro includes eM Client:

For all:
The Facebook offer is for everyone. Simply purchase one PRO license with lifetime upgrades and then contact me directly at wilson@emclient.com. I will add you the second license for free.

For George Wilson:
Not everybody has Facebook…
And how to calculate for people who already have 1 licence bought a few months ago ?

Any issues with Softmaker EM Client vs the one from directly from EM Client?

Updates comes after the originals.
Got my Update from em client 4 to 5.0.17399.0 last week.

You get SoftMaker Office Professional for less than $45 as an upgrade including three licenses. If you install FreeOffice at no cost, you are qualified to get an upgrade version :wink: It includes full featured version of eM Client 5 PLUs much more…

I know, we will post it here on the forum as soon it is finished and seats are added automatically.
This offer cannot be applied backwards for all people with lifetimes upgrades but if you send me an email, I will add it to you as you helped us a lot with the French translation.

I sent you an email…

Do I just sign up for freeoffice and then buy a upgraded professional version?