Will you be adding a Link Preview feature like the one found in Outlook.com?

I really like eM Client but sometimes I will use Outlook.com instead because of the Link Preview feature. Is there Link Preview in eM Client or are you planning to add Link Preview?

It looks like this:

No I don’t there is currently an option in eM client to show that.

The question was, “Will you be adding a Line Preview?”. Not, “Does it have Line Preview?”

I, too, would LOVE to see this added.

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I only answered the 1st question as per quote above “Is there Link Preview in eM Client” in the original post.

As to the second question (within the original post as per the feature request title), “or are you planning to add Link Preview?” I know there is other threads on this same Outlook Link Preview feature but i haven’t seen any feedback from eM Client on this as yet. Maybe in a future update.

I don’t know how Outlook implements that but my initial response is to make the sign of the cross and backup carefully. The normal reason I hover over a link instead of clicking on it, is to check where a potentially dangerous or unknown, or fraudulent link might be going. Hovering shows where the link actually goes in a popup at the bottom. Preview must actually go there and download the information to my computer.

Since preview goes there and downloads whatever is there onto my computer, I’d rather have the benefits of the safety measures of my browser, rather than an email program which has fewer blocks in place.