will there be an eM Client for Android?

An offering of eM Client for Android would allow integration of Windows Android devices?

Unfortunately, we do not plan any version for Android.

You must find a way for this. People need eM Client for android. Millions of users need your working for that, please do smthing about it.

OK, I will ask our developers to reconsider this.

I must say I would use it with Android compatibility.


I am sorry but we really do not plan to port eM Client to android at the moment or in the close future.


Hello Sir,
Could we know the cause that make you think so, if it is not private for your firm?
Thanks for your reply.


we need to focus on our main market which is Windows. We can’t affro to spend out time to focus on minor markets at this moment.

with regards

Jan & George, if you ever do produce an android version in the future I’ll be one of the first to use it!

Just curious, how about a mobile app for Windows Phone, such as recent Nokia models? Any plan for that, it would be quite similar to Windows 8 for the desktop . . . ?

(Currently not important to me, just asking!)

Hi, nope, it is not planned. If we will one day port eM Client, most likely it will be first to Mac OS X.

Version for any mobile OS has never been discussed even just as talk between work…


Thanks for the reply!

you are welcome.

In case you folks at eM Client have not noticed, quite a few people have a real need for having their contacts, calendar and task list on their mobile devices. Many also have content in these modules that are too sensitive for storing on the cloud, much less Google which parses EVERYTHING that passes by its way. (The reason why Google has such good technology is because they are selling all the information they gather from their users. Privacy? Not a bit!)

So, a way to sync eM Client without using the Internet is important. Take a look at Essential PIM for an example.

android is a major market and will likely surpass windows by sheer number of devices in years to come,   I hope you have reconsidered and that an android version is in the works.   I really like the windows version and would definitely try an android version if you made one.  

An Mac OS and an iPhone client seems to be in the pipeline already.


Android is missing in the article. OTH Android has some good email clients already. I’m using K@Mail at the moment.



After 3 years (the age of this post).

Do you still think that Android is not a option?

Hi José,
unfortunately we do not have an Android version in the works and do not currently plan to make one.


What about MyPhoneExplorer. http://www.fjsoft.at/en/

They were prepared to include em client as a sync option in their software but they said you didn’t reply to their emails. MyPhoneExplorer is an easy option - as they do all the programming you just have to tell them the code to interface to your data.
I use MyPhoneExplorer with Outlook and I’d love to be able to move to em client instead.

See this forum: https://translate.google.com.au/translate?hl=en&sl=de&u=http://www.fjsoft.at/forum/viewtopic…


Currently I am using BlueMail and Business Calendar on my Android smartphone. Previously I used K9 email but I now prefer BlueMail.

Indeed Android/iOS/mobile in general should not be a priority: most people use the built-in email client that is gmail. Most people also have gmail. And if they have other email addresses not from Google’s then there are plenty of email clients in the store.
Pretty much: the market is saturated.

As for WindowsPhone… this platform is simply dead. Just like blackberries: no one is using these. It’s not worth the effort.

However on Windows… there is pretty much only Outlook and Thunderbird (and other Thunderbird variants). The later being completely outdated as to how it stores emails (in a big ass file) which renders this client unscalable with many email accounts. Which is why I switched to eM Client in the first place after a decade+ of Thunderbird.

So at the end of the day… the Windows platform is definitely the priority.

I don’t know about MacOS though.
But last time I checked with coworkers of mine, they were saying the built-in is total crap and they were using Outlook. So I guess MacOS could also be a nice target. Should be fairly easy to port as well