Will the "Archive folder structure" be the same as the "Synchronised folder structure" ?

I have never used the archiving feature, and before I do, I need some clarification about it.

I have an Outlook.com IMAP email account in eM Client, and for each correspondent, I create one folder (with the correspondent’s name) for storing both the incoming emails (periodically manually moved from the “Inbox”) & the outgoing emails (periodically manually moved from the “Sent” email box) for that particular correspondent.

If I set up automatic archiving after X days, will the email be archived in archive folders of the same name as the original folders, so that email in “Synchronised Correspondent A Folder” will be archived in a corresponding “Archive Correspondent A” Folder ?

I would like to start archiving in order to reduce the synchronisation time, but only if there is an “Archive folder structure” that reflects the “original synchronised folder structure” that I have taken great pains to create and sort my email into.

Thank you 


Hi Alan,
yes using the Automatic archiving feature you can select the archiving scope, so you can even chose which folders you want to be archived. Under your accounts in the left sidebar there’ll be a folder called Archive just as if it was another account and it will have a subfolder with your account name, which then contains all the folders/sub-folders that you’re archiving.

So I believe you can turn on the automatic archiving without anything to worry about.

Hope this helps,

Hi Paul

Thank you very for your reply & info. Sounds good.



No problem, if you need any further assistance with this, let us know, we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions, Paul.