Will rules problems ever be resolved?

I did a search on “rules” under Problems and again under All Topics. I got back 90 topics for Problems and 410 topics for All Topics. I see this as strong evidence that the rules problems I’m experiencing are not unusual and that the rules algorithms in eM Client need a lot of rework. Since these topics go back for several years, rules malfunctions in eM Client appear to be a very long-standing problem that has never been adequately addressed.

Will this be fixed, and will it have a high priority? If not, it’s time for me, and apparently a lot of other users, to find a better email client app.

Hi, what problems with rules do you have?

rules usually works without problem, very often users can’t understand that they work only for received unread emails or if they are enforced.


PS: i see now that you have created multiple topics about one issue, I am archiving this one.