will not send mail untill i close out and restart

will not send new message until I close out and restart 

Do you have theses boxes checked?

Yes, all these boxes are checked.

Also, all incoming emails are in triplicate?

I presently have Windows Live Mail Essentials 2011 running on my PC with Windows 7. In a few days Microsoft will no longer support this software for sending and receiving emails. I don’t want to spend money to upgrade. So I downloaded emclient software a couple of days ago.

Can you help!

Most grateful for your help.

Well, I can’t really tell. I don’t know eMClient’s behaviour in Windows 7. I have Windows 10 here.
What and how many accounts do you have installed in Windows Live Mail? ‘Gmail’, ‘Outlook’, no names?

I have two different email accounts in WINDOWS LIVE MAIL ESSENTIALS 2011. One with PlusNet my ISP, and the other with Hotmail or live.co.uk.

I’m only familiar with Hotmail and it could be that since it’s being replaced with outlook.com there could be a IMAP issue. Is the triplicate problem with all of your accounts?
Sorry, if I can’t be of more precise help, I’m just user myself.

Yes, I think it is an IMAP issue and I can’t fix it. The triplicate problem is only with emclient!

Thanks for your help. Take care.

What triplicate problem? And who is this? Are you with emclient? If you are what do you mean you cant fix it?  What good is emclient if you have to close it EVERY time you want to send a message???

_Hello Randy Manning here, I do have a question about forwarding or sending Email
When i compose one my email address dose not show up in the from area, I try to select the account by using the arrow bar there where it saids from i have set up my account using my charter email , so i do not know why it want show when im   trying to send a email , I am receiving emails , just can send . Help
Thanks  _

Hello Daniel,
all previous responders are just users like yourself.
Please share more information about your issue so we can troubleshoot it.
What version of eM Client are you currently running? Check the Help>About section for exact number, please.
What mail account does this issue happen on? Is it gmail/outlook/other?
What settings do you have checked in Tools>Settings>Mail>Send section?
Is there any error message present when you try to send a message?


Hello Randy,
it would be better to make a separate thread for your issue than adding to this one, since the issues are not connected, thank you.