Will not install on XP

Will not install on my XP machine - I downloaded the setup.exe from CNET (several times) and tried to run but it said ‘not enough memory’ even though I closed outlook and everything else. Shame because I’m looking for an alternative email program and I thought this looked hopeful. Also, you could do with somewhere on your site which gives the memory requirements etc. Couldn’t find any reference to this.

Can you please send us the screenshot of your issue please?

I first try to run setup from the explorer but the DOS window closes too fast to get a screen clip so I’ve run it from DOS and get the clip attached (if the attach has worked).

Looks like the download is corrupt/incomplete, download from this link and try:

That’s worked thanks - it downloaded a .msi file rather than the .exe from CNET - same size so maybe just the extension on the CNET file is wrong. Anyway. it works. Thanks for your help, Pete