Will not connect cpanel CalDav account other email clients don't have a problem

I have been testing desktop client that support CalDav. Em Client is the only one I can’t get to work. When EM Client start I get and error that it cannot connect. I have triple checked the CalDav settings to the settings given in Cpanel. I have even tried the alternative URL suggested by Cpanel and still get the same problem. My provider has the SSL connection set on port 2080 which is added in the URL.

Because EM Client seems to be the most searched email client I would like to be able to fully evaluate it for my needs. But it is definitely a no go if I can’t get CalDav to work.

I have exact same problem. I can’t connect to Cpanel cardDAV or calDAV.

But I can connect with calDAV and cardDAV via eM Client to my NAS. This works, so I’m not sure what could it be. Is it CPanel or eM Client.

I suspect it’s a compatibility issue. But it needs to be fixed in EM client because other clients seem to work fine.

Agree, I hope they confirm this issue and fix it asap.

I think its an EM version problem, as my calendar was fine connecting to Cpanel CALDAV with 8 shared calendars and all were showing in EM calendar on version 7.1.33101.0 but 7.2.33785.0 it stopped working and even latest version 7.2.33882.0 still not working :(. Mozilla Thunderbird is better for mail but calendar is no good with multiple shared calendars. Hope EM fix this soon

Hi all,

could you please contact me with an email containing a link to this forum thread at: markosky@emclient.com?

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Hi @Richard, @Russel,

Is there a solution for this ?  I seem to have the exact same issue.

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Hi together,

I face the same problem. Is ther a solution availible?

Hi Urs,

So far my solution was to downgrade to R 7.1 : http://www.emclient.com/dist/v7.1.33506/setup.msi

Seem to be working fine so far.  I have not seen any news of this issue being addressed in a newer release.

I also don’t see cPanel being listed in the server compatibility list.

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Michel, many thanks for your support. I’ll try it.
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