Will eMClient 7 support folder retention policies?

This has been asked for before and the response has been “we will consider for a future version of eMClient”. The lack of this feature is preventing me from switching to eMClient - did this feature make it into version 7?

Hi Roberto,
unfortunately this is not a feature that has been on v7 priority list and it will not be implemented in the initial release.
This however does not mean that it will not appear in the future releases or versions.



unfortunately most likely this means for sure it will never show up in any future release as far as the past showed us when getting such an answer, you know.

From what I’ve seen on FB or read on your blog so far, version 7 does not offer any big deals either. The new conversations may be a highlight but I wonder why it takes so long to release emclient for just this single feature?

A short reminder though: some early signs of v7 have been found in 2014, v7 should be released in, guess it was summer 2015, and we now have the year 2016 - still waiting…


I would say the biggest change in v7 from what I’ve read (and a very positive one) is moving away from using Internet Explorer as the rendering engine, which probably requires a fair amount of work and testing. Many of the other new features which have been announced are a bit “meh” for me personally, but people use software in different ways, so I’m sure they are useful for others!

However, the lack of folder retention policies is a show-stopper for me, which is a shame as it’s such a trivially simple thing to implement and has been available in many other e-mail clients for years.

Looking through this forum (even ignoring the normal whinging one gets in any forum like this), it does seem that a lot of oft-requested and relatively simple feature requests never get implemented (e.g. toolbar customisation) and development does seem to be very slow with a lot of overpromising and underdelivering when it comes to dates.

I would have paid for the Pro version, but based on the above, I’ve come to the conclusion that emClient is not for me much as I generally like the product from a quick trial of version 6.

Thanks for responding though Olivia.

the release of version 7 was indeed pulled back mostly because of the change of the rendering engine, which influences most of the core features. The unexpected changes in Google’s oAuth policies and Microsoft’s discontinued support of AirSync are also things that cause unpleasant set backs on the development.

I’m sorry to hear that you cannot utilize eM Client without this feature, but we do try to include new features as soon as we can, it can just be a more time-consuming process than some people realize (just to address your example, version 7 does finally have a customizable toolbar :slight_smile: ), though it is true there are still many features that are missing, but we really do want to include in the future. Prioritizing the certain features can be quite tricky as well, since, as you mentioned, some of the announced features might mean nothing to you, but there have been other users hoping for them to be included for a long time.

Thank you for understanding.

Best wishes,