Will eM Client sync with more than 10 Microsoft Email Accounts?

I have 27 email accounts, two of them being sbcglobal.net POP accounts and 25 of them being Microsoft accounts. I’m currently using Outlook 2016 on Microsoft Office 365. Only the first ten of the Microsoft accounts are Microsoft Exchange accounts, as that is the limit for Exchange accounts on Outlook 2016. The remaining 15 Microsoft email accounts can only be configured as Microsoft EAS accounts. I cannot use these 15 EAS accounts as they will not sync with outlook.com. All the folders in these 15 EAS accounts are empty due to the inability to sync. They will not display the content as shown in these 15 additional Microsoft accounts when accessed through outlook.com.

I am interested in purchasing eM Client Pro with lifetime upgrades but only if eM Client Pro can sync with ALL 25 of my Microsoft email accounts on outlook.com. Will eM Client Pro be able to sync with outlook.com so that I can use all 25 Microsoft email accounts and see everything in the folders of all 25 accounts or will it sync with ONLY the first ten Microsoft accounts I add?

Thank you in advance for your time and any assistance provided.

I think two days is enough time for someone to answer a simple question. I’ll disregard eM Client as a possible substitute for Outlook 2016 since the lack of a simple answer to a simple question is undoubtedly an indication of the type of customer support I would get if I purchased eM Client.

Hello Sichuan,

We’re sorry for the late reply. We do however recommend contacting [email protected] with pre-sales questions. As we’re currently busy with testing the new version, we focus on the support of the Pro users precisely so that they have the service that they paid for.

There are not limitations on accounts/types of accounts that you can set up in eM Client, only the computer’s performance. We would recommend downloading the trial version which provides all of the possibilities of the Pro version if you’d like to try the program out before making a decision.