will em client 5 reliably import any .pst files?

Re-asked as my last question had been labelled as answered incorrectly.
I’ve been looking at alternatives to Outlook, having just bought a new PC running Windows 7. My old computer runs Win2k, with microsoft office xp, which includes Outlook. I have generated several .pst files (largest is 240M), each of which has come from a top level directory within Outlook, with subdirectories below.
The reason I asked the question was that few, if any, other Outlook alternatives cope directly with .pst files, and blogs found while searching for whether eM Client could cope implied some problems. The latter may well have been outdated queries, or have related to previous major versions of eM Client.

Yes, eM Client will import any .pst files without any problems. Just make sure you are using the latest version of eM Client and let me know if you have any difficulties with Import.