Will Categories, currently catastrophies, be fixed in V.6?

I raised this question in response to the “Version 6 is coming” notice, but I need stronger confirmation of what the change will be: Setting categories for in- and outgoing mail is an exercise in madness. Often (usually) the category I have selected disappears when I move the cursor even a tiny bit. And setting multiple categories is nearly impossible. Can I receive really solid assurance that this bug is being fixed? Otherwise, I’ll need to look elsewhere. (I’ve been using eMC for more than a year, and have gotten used to most of its problems, but if I can’t easily set categories for my mail, forget it.) --Fred Powledge

Since I see no response to this very important question, I’m assuming that Version 6 will offer no fix for it. Too bad.


We do not provide 24/7 support so that is reason for response time.

yes, now we see a problem with this too. I can’t tell when it will be repaired but developers will definitely take a look at it.