Will activation behind company firewall work?

I’m planning to purchase a pro version.
I’ll be using eM Client on my company PC, behind a firewall.
(I’ve been using the demo version)

Will there be any problem due to the firewall when activating the pro version?
(I’ve experienced programs that cause problems when trying to activate due to the firewall)


Hi Vic,

eM Client needs a connection to our Licensing system on the background so it can check the licence status. Please make sure that you’re able to connect to our domain - emclient.com and if yes, eM Client will work fine. If you were able to connect to the mail servers with the demo version, there will be no problem after activating PRO licence.


I’m not able to connect to your domain (emclient.com) behind the firewall - is there any way I can activate the Pro version?