Wildcard in Rules - Intentional Duplicate of Issue

The “From” rule within the Rules tool does not accept generic/wildcard rules.

I know this is a duplication of an issue that has been reported for the past SEVERAL YEARS, and that a CHEESY-ASS workaround has been documented at https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/wildcard-in-rules (thanks to Gary Curtain for this!)

HOWEVER, as a free trial user who is considering becoming a paying subscriber, it concerns me deeply that such a ridiculously simple feature cannot get implemented within a 5-year timeframe. The workaround is very unintuitive, and I wasted at least 15 minutes of time finding the workaround on the forums. Fifteen minutes of my time is more expensive than a license for emClient, so this is already a loss for me.

Implementing *only* the asterisk wildcard in the leftmost position, probably using a RegEx expression, should be trivially easy if the rules engine is designed with even a semi-decent architecture. (Or, if you wanted a really quick & dirty solution, you could copy & paste the code for “with words in subject” and change it to be a “with words in from” rule. That would take less than an hour of developer time!) How on earth do you blow this item off for 5 years?

One of my top considerations for an email client is the ability to sort & filter the emails that I *DON’T* need to deal with in a very efficient manner. This issue erodes that, and more importantly erodes my confidence in this product. So I’ll continue using the workaround, but meanwhile, I would urge your product manager to prioritize getting some of the most basic features like this that have been requested for 5+ years implemented before addressing sophisticated bells & whistles.

My choice to license your product will be strongly influenced by your response to this post. Thanks for your consideration.

That is neither “cheesy-ass” nor a workaround. Just because eM Client does things differently to other applications, doesn’t mean that a feature has not been implemented.

Your choice to license the application does not only depend on your feelings. If you are using the application for business use, which is implied by your winging about the cost of your time, then the Pro License is the only solution.