Widget Bug - Extremely Narrow Column issue - Not Able to Modify

The Widget display won’t format properly or allow you to modify the size of a widget. When I add a widget, it is added in an extremely narrow column, so only a small portion of it is visible. Screenshot below. Dragging it to make it larger does not work. Deleting all columns and starting over doesn’t work. Refreshing doesn’t work.

Would really like to be able to add my widgets back, as being able to use them with eM Client is a big part of its appeal for me. Please advise. Thanks.

The widget area in eM Client unfortunately isn’t designed to accommodate alot of the current modern widgets and is mainly designed for eg: RSS news reader “basic text” type widgets (like the eM Client example below). Similiar to the early days “Newsgroup readers” which where text type readers.

Note:- The below EMC RSS widget is a good text blog to keep up with new stuff :slight_smile: