Widen item list and save - how to? Screenshot

Uploaded new version today. When trying to widen the item list using the slider bar at the top of the list, it still reverts back to the original size. I would like the panel with “From”, “Subject”, “Received”. etc. to appear a lot more widen than what they currently are shown. This screenshot should explain everything.

The top view is what I get by default. I do not want this!

The bottom view is what I’m looking for.

Any way to change the appearance and save it? I have to resize with the slider at the top every time I open em client. Thanks!

Grab the border between the folder list and the message list and drag it towards the left.

Gary, I already did that. How do you think I got both views? My question is, how do I get the client to save and remember that position when I reopen em client?

At this point, since I’ve updated this version about an hour ago, this may be a bug or some other unresolved issue. Dragging the border to the left should have been an easy enough fix but it doesn’t remember the last position. My best guess is that this is a bug unless I’m missing some other workaround deep within the nether regions of this program. Any one else have any other suggestions? Thank you.

how do I get the client to save and remember that position when I reopen em client?

Normally the client automatically remembers where you drag it when you close & reopen it.

I cannot replicate that problem with Win 10 or 11.

What version of eM Client did you have prior to the upgrade? and what version of Windows do you have ?

Also have you tried changing the Layout via “Menu / View / Layout” to preview the message on the right of the subject (to see if that even works when you close & exit and reopen), compared to preview the message underneath the subject.

Lastly have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling. If you haven’t, try uninstalling and “don’t delete the database” when asked on the uninstall wizard. Then d/l the latest V9.2.1577 from the release history page and reinstall.

Before the update I had em Client version 7. Not sure of the specific build however. For Windows I am currently using Windows 10 version 21H2 (OS Build 19044.2604). Tried the Menu / View / Layout. It worked, or so I thought, by moving everything over to the left but it left the Preview Pane on the right. When I turned off the the preview pane everything looked as it should. However, when closing and reopening it reverted back to the default position by expanding the Folder list halfway across the screen and pushing the message list back over to the right.

I’d like to try the uninstall approach but I need to locate the uninstall wizards first. Don’t want to wipe out everything by using the Control Panel / Programs approach. Thanks!

I got it it fixed. Finally! It’s still kind of wonky though. I believe I turned off the preview pane THEN expanded it to the left. Before I had expanded the message list and turned off the preview pane. Or maybe it was the other way around. Not sure. But you can mark this one as solved. A bit screwy but it works. Thanks.