Why was I upgraded to v8?

I have been using free version for about two years. It looks like I was automatically upgraded to v8 at the end of January this year. Now I am getting popups that my free trial is ending in two days and I need to pay for pro Version?
Why was I upgraded to version 8 without any notice? Can I just keep using the free version?

You weren’t. A popup would have asked if you want to upgrade, and the upgrade would only have happened if you selected to do that.

Go to Menu > Help > License and click on Activate. Paste in your Free License activation key. If you no longer have the key, you can have it resent to you by entering the registered email address on this page.

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Well when I look at what version I am using, it shows “8.1.1054”. The popup says “Your emClient 8 Pro trial will end in x days. To keep using the free version just close this box.”
That would lead me to believe I have been temporarily upgraded to 8 Pro? But the interface doesn’t look like it has changed at all. Am I misunderstanding something? Thanks.

Then that is what you should do.

The interface is the same, but if you have a Free License, a few features are disabled.