why there's accounts limits?

why in free version there is a limit of 2 e-mails accounts? now i’ll have to change eM to thunderbird ;/ i like eM but now it isn’t usefull any more for me

The development of eM Client costs money and time, so we spent long time deciding on the model to use to finance the on going development.

Since some of us are also students we understand that offering only a commercial version would hurt our existing customers, who can’t afford to buy the full version, and limit our user base. We also felt that offering a free version is only fair to all the people who have tested eM Client so far and helped us make it out of the beta.

We had to choose fine-line though to differentiate between free and commercial version and so we chose to limit the number of accounts in the free version to two.

Moreover we prepared a special offer for those who buy the commercial version now.

While it’s clearly a legitimate reason I think limiting your free version to 2 accounts is a severe restriction and it’s likely to backfire - you are competing with a very nice but unfinished product (no spam filtering, not even manual marking?) against the freely available Outlook 2010 Beta (runs fine 'til June) w/ free Xobni (it does all the extra communication features you do plus a bit more) and the new TB 3.0 is totally free (though it’s a completely broken PoC as it is) etc…

I think you need to raise it at least to three mailboxes or Google accs shouldn’t count - then you will propose a good offer: one Google, one work email plus one whatever the person want to use and only X days of upgrades (uninstall-resintall ‘freerider’ upgraders can be kept under control by requesting appropriate mailbox-based licensing, a baseline 2.5 downlodable package etc.)

ALso: what if I got a corporate lic but I want to use eM home as well? Can I do it?

You have a good point about the competition. Yes, Outlook 2010 Beta is currently free, but it is time-limited and will cost more than eM Client once it is released. There wouldn’t be much point in using Xobni then since the features of Xobni are already integrated in the Outlook now (though not with such a fancy interface, but that may as well change). We believe we are more than competitive when compared to Thunderbird 3. While it added some of the features that it lacked compared to competition (eg. indexed searches) it screwed the basic user interface so badly that it is barely usable (even with the options to revert parts of the UI to the Thunderbird 2 way).

I understand your point about the three accounts, but then there would be barely any point in buying the commercial version except for business. I know it may not be the option for everyone, but GMail offers the option to aggregate mail from other accounts and it is dead-easy to automatically sort it into a specific label/folder, so at least for people with GMail there is a way to “circumvent” the limitation.

I’m not expert on the licensing stuff, you may get better help if you ask it as separate question. Technically the licenses are tied to a machine that the product is installed on. It is possible to transfer the license to another machine, but at one time it could be used only from one computer. The corporate license is only different from the free license in the lifted account limitation, included support and in the fact that it can be used for commercial purposes (but doesn’t necessarily have to be).

Dear Navara, I think no more discount for us

It would have been nice if the 2-account limit was really e-mail. When adding a separate contacts server and calendar server, you’re already over the 2-account limit.

we are already working on it - you can expect this change in one of the next updates.

Or make it possible to use a pro version on a laptop and desktop, so a license a user and not a computer… I would love to pay, but with 3 computers it is a costly buy.

That is exactly what we are planning to do.