Why no update option?

I am currently on version 8.2.1473. When I do Menu/Check for Update it says there is no update available, but when I go here:
Release History | eM Client

It shows a newer version, 8.2.1509

Not all “Release history versions” are linked to the Check for Update incase there is any potential issues that might arise. So need to have peeps test them out for a time first.

So if you do prefer, you can manually download and install any newer version from the release history page instead of waiting for the automatic update to appear.

Remember to backup via “Menu / Backup” before installing any newer version just incase you may need to roll back for any reason.

Thanks. Good idea, I did backup just before installing 8.2.1509.

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Hey, new user here. Does your answer mean the backup is version-specific? So a backup created by version XX.AA cannot be used by version XX.AB? This seems make the backup less meaningful.

As far as I know you can always restore earlier ver backups with later eM Client build / releases.