Why no Linux version?

Where is the Linux version?


Unfortunate, isn’t it. ;-(

We have clients on Linux that have tons of features, like Thunderbird and especially Evolution, but they just don’t have the visual impact that eM Client offers.

With the upcoming GNOME 4, the tired old Evolution is going to look completely out of place. Geary looks very nice but is so very basic.

Writing here since this is the last post about Linux.

I just opened a ticket collecting all the posts/requests/posts about native Linux support. It’s just not understandable that there is no Linux version. There are clearly more than a few people that are willing to pay for emClient even under Linux (no FOSS oc).
We have many customers who would like to use emClient but cannot since they want/have to use Linux (better choice anyways). So emClient also looses potential customers.

There is just no nice Mail/Calender/Contact/Chat/… Client available for Linux. emClient has the power to change this.

Maybe someone wants to collect all Linux posts in an additional post here.