Why is their no rule for "Sending To"

I like to set the category of each email I send. I know I can do that from the toolbar when composing, but it would be nice if it could be set automatically, based on who the email is being sent to. But there is no rule available for that.
Please therefore can we have a rule  “Set category of messages sent to somebody”?

Thanks for listening.


first I want to apologize, if it isn’t always good englisch but I am not an Englisch.

the only thing you can do is to set a rule for each contact or group, which sets automatically the category of all mails of this contact/group. But you must do this for EVERY person/group indivudually.

This function is under “extras” -> “rules” -> “new rule” available.

1.) You can choose  “after sending” or “after receiving”.
2.) then follows the conditions for the rule.
->  For selecting the email/your contact, make a cross by “from persons” and chose a contact or
     type  in an email.
3.) After this you have to make a cross by “set category” and choose the right one.
-> (or other actions)
->  If you want an other then the available categoies you can create one on this point.
     [click in the upper part of the menu on “and set category” and “add”, “change” or “manage”
     a/the rule(s)]
4.) Then only follows the exeptions and establishing of the rule name.
5.) Click on complete the rule.
6.) The rule appears in the list.
7.) If you want you can test the rule.

Or use rule template numer 4 (easier)
-> it’s rather the same instruction than the other and it on the same path available
-> but you must set on “after sending”

In Additon if you want to create a category you can do this under “extras” -> “categories” or in the menu, with which you can draw up the rule.

I hope I can help you with this, if not write back.

Thank you very much for your advice Tobias, and I had no problem understanding your English. I did not know these rules existed, but I ill certainly try them now.

Thanks again!


Thank you Tobias for the great response. I can confirm that Tobias is right and his instructions are correct.