Why is current version so slow?!?

I’m using eMC 8.2.1659, checking for updates shows now new updates. So this is the current version. And it’s the paid pro version.

I’m using a Dell XPS 17 w/64 GB ram, SSD drives, and I believe a 6 core i7 processor. Not a slouch. Right now it has two firefox windows open (each with one tab, one of which is posting this message), and eMC is running. No other apps are active.

My IMAP settings are to download all messages, all content, all attachments for offline use.

I search for a message that was received yesterday, so we’re not talking about going into the deep dark archives of years gone by. I find it, open it, and get “This operation will take some time” and have to wait several seconds for the message to load – as if it’s going to the server to download the message.

Yet, based on my settings, this message should be ready to go, since it’s set for offline usage.

This system is not under load, has plenty of performance, and is basically idling doing nothing.

This current update has been a royal pain for me, to the point I’m about ready to scuttle eMC. The previous version seemed much more stable.

Before I do, I want to ask if there are some additional optimizations I should try. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Try totally stopping anti-virus, firewall, VPN and see if that helps